56% Non-Brand AdWords Clicks Are Conquered by PLAs in RKG Report (Q4)

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January 27, 2015

Google product listing ads (PLAs) is initiating more visitors for the retailers and it got 30% overall Google search ad clicks including 56% non-brand clicks according to RKG Report in recent times. This report deals with large-volume retailers mainly. In 2014, Google gave more importance on PLAs for serving them organic listings rather than restricting to the right bar. On the other hand, retailers tried to impulse ROI endured promising than the non-brand text ads.


In Q4, PLAs were 130% higher in click rates and conversion rates were 30% higher than the non-brand text ads. But ROI was positioned at 9% above the non-brand text ads and the av. Order value was 12% lower! The cost for click on PLAs got higher competition during shopping season and CPC got 5% higher than of non-brand text ads.

Also, Bing Ads’ nascent product ads got more click and much growth in last quarter and they throne by 7% of non-brand clicks which was as double as the previous quarter. In the Yahoo Bing Network, it has been counted that 14% click were done for product ads.


In RKG Report, it has been observed that Bing product ads showed the performance likely to Google PLAs and the got 9% better ROI with 36% higher conversion rate than as of non-brand text ads. The strong engagement implies that CTRs also clicked as higher as 72% than non-brand text ads.