6 Common and Simple Missed Opportunities for Your Website SEO

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April 17, 2016
6 Common and Simple Missed Opportunities for Your Website SEO

Unawareness causes many common mistakes to SEO marketers. If SEO marketers are not aware of these common errors or mistakes, these cannot be fixed. There are some simple and common missed opportunities, which are done by so many SEO marketers on their optimizing content. SEO is changing day by day, as it is an evolution. Therefore, many people are making some common mistakes. We are here to show you 6 simplest and most common missed opportunities people are dealing with SEO.

#1 Poor Writing or Duplicating Page Titles

Many websites’ SEO have been suffering from poor writing or poor keywords in title tag. If there is poor titles or duplicated page title on your website, it will effect on your search engine rankings. The title tag plays the most important role in the rankings, which is not a concern to many marketers. That is why; they do not get the deserved ranking. Always use that kind of title tag, which comes as your advantage. Keep it in 50-60 characters using useful keywords.

#2 Poor Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are as important as title tag. When someone searches the content you wrote, Meta descriptions also show the keywords like the title tags. Today’s marketers think that they are doing well; writing good Meta descriptions, but it is not working. Because they are missing the useful keywords in Meta descriptions. That is why; marketers should write better Meta descriptions in such a way that people would click on it. Make it unique and useful to make more potential customers.

#3 Sitelinks Monitoring

Yes, Google is generating sitelinks and that is why many marketers do not check the sitelinks. Therefore, we cannot see who is actually generating them. These mistakes are causing marketers in less traffic on their websites. Because sitelinks are one of the best ways to get people gathered into your website. As an SEO marketer, you all should check your sitelinks often. In addition, use the search console of Google for monitoring the sitelinks.

#4 Lacking of Structured Markup

There is a great way for marketers to make their SERP result more visible and larger by its Rich snippets. You must have to program rightly and wisely for the structured markup. You have to make sure that you are using structured data to make the code. Rich snippets can really boost your SERP. When you use templates into your management system, it will be easy to mark up some templates for showing snippets of numerous pages.

#5 Poor Execution on Video Embedding

Videos can be a better addition for any website. Here millions of marketers are adding videos on their website, but these are poorly embedded. If they do not know that yet, they can learn from the additional content rankings. That is the missed opportunity to achieve high rank in the search engine results. Concentrate on your video to check how you add them into your site.

#6 No XML Sitemap

Marketers want their brands blog posts to be appearing very fast in the Google index. They really want it, but there is no XML sitemap in the most cases. If they have an XML sitemap that is Google registered, their brand’s blog will appear in Google index in just 8 to 10 seconds. Therefore, Google has made it easier for marketers. They are writing great contents, but not using an XML sitemap. If you have the XML sitemap, you will get your content seen soon by the search engine. This also makes a reason to boost your site rankings.

In optimizing content, these are the most simple and common missed opportunities as said by the experts. Marketers do not have to be a tech savvy to get these missed opportunities. These can be solved easily if they concentrate on those 6 points mentioned above. As a result, they can get the better content and rankings than before. The positive results can come if marketers create something useful, avoid some silly mistakes and focus on solving the errors that they are doing regularly.