AdWords Tips: Secret Keyword Checklist For AdWords Success Practiced By A Former Googler

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January 25, 2015

It would be the great to know the simple secrets of being successful in AdWords. In an expert view, you can easily answer it within a minute that you need an efficient management methodology and keep following the process strictly. These two follow a former Googler, Frederick Vallaeys’s opinion on the success in AdWords. You can check the keyword checklist provided by him what he strictly follows for his own AdWords campaigns.


What Would Be A Successful AdWords Campaign?

To move in next to the checklist, you need to have very clear conception of the basics. A Successful AdWords Campaign should have some strict goals to be fulfilled. There must have a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to be tracked and used for optimizing your business. The goal will be logical and most concerning goal needs to be chosen. But don’t set AdWords Quality Score as your goal, though you can find that many companies are living and dying by QS! Rather pick the QS to guide yourself for pursuing the KPI.

Besides the main goals, you need to focus on some more goals for collecting more data. Often, then smaller goals are denoted by Micro Conversions and main one is Macro Conversion. Check Justin Cutroni, Google Analytics Advocate’s article to learn more about it.

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If you cannot get enough conversion data after adding these Micro Conversions, try to add Google Analytics to check out what is going on between the conversion and the click. You can check for more here about how Google Analytics can help you out in AdWords performance enhancement.

Secret Checklist For AdWords Success

After setting a clearly defined goal, you need to set the campaigns for your AdWords. Most efforts are given here and there might be some repetitive work. Tools that can help you out to get most of these steps automatically are AdWords Scripts, AdWords Automated Rules or PPC Management Company produced tool like Optmyzr. SalesX provides the checklist and your team may create an app like the Optimization Recurring Checklist for AdWords (ORCA) for managing budgets and keywords to make the AdWords account successful.

Keyword Checklist


  • Eliminate the Duplicate Keywords:

Make sure to remove all the duplicate keywords or it will confuse people as well as Google may use multiple but the same keyword for bidding. You might not compete in the final ad auction and when you lowered a bid, Google may be increasing the bid for the other duplicate keywords.

  • Check Keywords with Spent Money:

Check regularly, whether your keywords are addressing the KPI goals or not. If not, then decide whether you will be spending money unnecessarily or it can be eliminated.

  • Find Keywords With Poor QS:

QS for a keyword is important and there are no account level QS in AdWords. A Keyword with poor QS may get you better impression or that one just below the average QS. The more impression will get your account-level QS lower.

  • Do not Keep Bigger Ad Groups:

It is suggested to keep 30 keyword add groups or it may split in two. In addition, it can improve your QS in return.

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Checklists for a series of different elements are needed for a successful AdWords Campaign. Keep checking for more from him and prepare the keyword checklist for your AdWords Campaign.