An Easy Approach to Backlinks Building: Easy and Effective Ways

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October 18, 2015
An Easy Approach to Backlinks Building: Easy and Effective Ways

Most of the website owners often hear the term “backlinks” and when they tell to their web developer, simply the developers’ claim, it is a huge time and cost involvement task and they should just pass away this. It is not that easy if you go for backlinks in social media because they are showing the “no follow”. Therefore, you cannot get the access for wider linking to your site due to the breakdown caused by that “no follow” feature. That is why we are searching for other options that can help you to find some juicy opportunities for link building. These links are completely authorized by Google for website optimization as they are approved and real links with legitimate status.

Google Profiles

Google Profiles will offer you to make profiles of the founders of the website with all other key employees and you can add anchor text of the custom links. These anchor text can lead Google to find the link on your site between other sites. Google Plus has launched in accordance with the importance of these profiles and there you can get the devoid of the feature “no follow” and add all the information about your company as you need.

One of the popular professional social media that can have you creating profiles for members and owners of the website. Custom anchor texts are not allowed here but you can give your website link as the first custom text by selecting another from the settings. In addition, another two links can be added as the custom text link.

Google Places

You can create the location for your office and use some targeted keywords in your profile in Google places, as it is a very powerful and effective way for building easy backlinks.

Digg and Reddit

It is a great source for site promotion, where you can get your submitted articles published and the engine can make a great impact on your site. This large community works better for stronger backlink building.

Reddit offers you for articles submission and in return, you can get great advantages in the search engines’ result.


Get some Foursquare profiles whether you are interested or not in check in posts, but obviously it will help you with the associated link with your account.


Another website for article discovery that is so popular and here you can submit links that can get some followers.


Create an own video channel on YouTube and get the service to provide a link without “no follow”.

Ezine Articles, Hubpages and Dotpoch are some other websites that can help with link building. Any site owner can do it by himself for better link building for his own site or he can recruit specialists for doing this job perfectly. In addition, there are some companies available like Backlink Central who can have you offered on buy backlinks, as you need. As, if you conduct this process, it may be too slow. However, easily you can get backlinks in a faster time with reliable assurance.