Check New Bid Preview Tool Of Bing Ads For Monitoring Changes Of Bid In Real Time

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January 23, 2015


Bing Ads has reached at a great level after introducing the new tool for monitoring the changes of bid in real time. New Ad Preview and Diagnostics tool will help you to estimate the impact of bid changes over time.

When the bids are too low, the ads will not be delivered showing an icon for low bid in the tool. “Bid Too Low” message will be displayed against the icon.

Get Preview of Different Bids Results

You can add bid manually or suggested by Bing Ads from the suggestion window for bids when clicking the icon. Here you can have a look on it:


You can get the preview button afterwards applying a new bid to get the ad being served.


The ad will be shown in a highlighted way in the preview window when it will be served. When you cannot see the ad, there’s something happens out of your mind. Check the bid and set another one for testing.


In case of increasing bids, the quality score of low bids or keyword difference allow it not to be displayed properly and the text ads only get the preview feature.