Content Writing Tips: A Very Useful List of Quality Content Factors

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February 9, 2015


When we write any content, then we must be conscious about the quality of the content. But, what should be a quality content look like? Here, I am going to discuss about the most important characteristics that will help you to write good quality content. It is made by considering both Google and Bing search engine, which will help you to get your content a good rank.

  1. Write Helpful Content To Complete A Specific Task

Your content should be the combination of a clearly defined keyword and user’s intention, not a list of random keyword. Try to focus on a specific keyword and write a complete content so that users may take all his needed information from your content.

  1. Organize The Subsections Perfectly

Organize thematic subsection in a good manner. It will help the search engine to decipher your page as well as structuring each one into its own subsection

  1. Choose A Strong Title

Try to be smart when you are choosing a title for your content. Make it clear and concise so that readers can easily understand what you are going to write in your article. Do not make it so long otherwise Google will rewrite it.

  1. Try To Write Something Inspiring And Educating

Write content with the combination of those qualities. Write your article in such a way so that your audience may learn something and get inspired by reading your content.

  1. Share Your Thoughts

Good quality content contains an inherent and spreadable value. Think carefully about your content. Does it really describe what do you want to say? Will it be interesting to others?

  1. Write Everything Relevant

During writing the content, you should be faithful. Do not write anything, which is not relevant to your topic.

  1. Consider The Number Of Words

There is no fixed rule here. It depends on the particular audience. But, it should not be so long or too small. About 1000 words are ideal in case of ranking. However, one thing always keeps on your mind that, do not compromise with the quality of the content for the word limitation.

  1. Write Content For The General Audience (Not For The Experts)

Try to write the content with so simple words so that your audience may easily understand every detail of your content. Otherwise, you will lose your audience for the complexity of your content.

  1. Proofread

Check your content repeatedly to avoid misspelling, and grammatical error.

  1. Fast-Check

Recheck the links, which you have provided in your content to make sure that you have put it correctly. Check the date and time if you cite it on your content. Always try to provide up-to-date information.

  1. Define The Author(s) Clearly

Give a short description about the author(s) of the content with a picture and a short bio. It will help the search engine to find the information they are searching.

  1. Never Send Mixed Messages

Try to write unique content and make sure that every page stays on topic. Decorate your writing according to your topic. Try to complete a specific goal; do not try to write about diversified topics in the same content.

  1. Provide A Good Source Of Links

When you provide links in your content try to give a good source, which is relevant and contains high-quality sources.

  1. Try To Avoid Sidebar Content

The supplement content or useless sidebar need to be avoided otherwise certain Panda may cause bad effect.

  1. Make An Attractive And Eye Catching Content

You can do many things to attract readers such as, use headers consistently, try to use short paragraphs, use bullet points if needed, intent quotes etc. Use video or images where necessary.

  1. Offer Not Only Unique Content But Also Unique Value

Your content must be unique. It should not be seen anywhere else on the internet. Your content should have also a unique value, which provides insights and actionable takeaways to readers.

Here are some following additional criteria to help you out in making better quality contents:

Relevance: Writing about any recent issue which got importance to the audience.

Novelty: Addressing a new and innovative way to the problem.

Depth: Having significant idea about the problem and the process to solve the problem.

Validity: Establishing the solution by providing valid examples of the companies, which have used the solution and worked well.

Practicality: Proving you have a clear idea about solving the problem and addressing the difficulties to adoption.

Clarity: Addressing the opinion that is easily understandable to your audience.

It is not essential to meet all the above mentioned criteria to be a good quality content. But, try to fulfil as you can. Because, the more you can cover, the more it will get a chance to be a quality content.