Effects of Google Panda 4.0 on Small Businesses:

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December 15, 2014


In February 2011, Google first time introduced Google Panda by claiming that it will improve the quality of user’s search results. The basic idea behind this update was that, all search engines would be able to include more relevant and authoritative websites and search engines would be improved. The ultimate result would be to create higher quality for the users of Google, because they pull up results by using the search engine of Google. Google always remains busy with the implementation of a lot more updates in order to improve the quality of its search results.

The principle engineer of Google Mr. Matt Cutts made an announcement on twitter that roll out the Panda Algorithm of Google version 4.0 was official in U.S.


If you say that Panda is a weapon of Google to destroy the low quality stuff or garbage content from websites, it would not be wrong. According to a research, Google Panda 4.0 has affected a number of small businesses.

Especially it has a negative effect on numerous websites whose webmasters are practicing black magic, by black magic we mean “Unethical SEO” practices. Google Panda 4.0 is still punishing a lot of webmasters who are not following White Hat SEO practices. White Hat SEO includes, Article writing, Forum postings, Blog Commenting and On Site SEO, etc.

Now that you know it is affecting so many websites, let us have a look at how Google Panda is affecting small businesses.

Effects of Google Panda Algorithm 4.0 on Small Businesses:


There is not, more detail available about update of Google Panda 4.0, but Matt Cutts made an announcement on Search Marketing Expo in 2014 that Google is practicing on “next generation” Panda update. He also added that their team is working on a software of Panda to help small businesses. It will directly help small businesses by making them more visible in the search results of Google.

Google did this before while releasing the Panda update on July 2013. You might have been thinking, how did businesses fair after the Google has softened the Panda Algorithm last year?

Honestly, the answer is not disclosing-able, but it is our duty to report the poll of Barry Schwarz. He said, “Only 18% of previously effected businesses “softer” Panda update will recover them completely.

Matt Cutts headed the search scam of Google, he said, “Google added additional signals to look for other matrices and Google may lessen Panda algorithm’s impact for the sites in gray area.”

So we should wait and see how this new update will affect small businesses, because we can’t do anything else but wait. We can still expect that small businesses are going to have more visibility in the local results.

Learning from this:


In conclusion, Google Panda Algorithm filters all poor quality websites with no or thin content. The design of Panda was intended to punish all the content farms that have the purpose to fool Google as well as to manipulate the Google rankings of a website.

Due to the Panda update 4.0, a lot of small businesses had to pay the price if they were caught cheating and ultimately their visibility on Google was affected overnight. The big dog brands took a huge advantage and they won in the SEO and from small business communities.