How To Generate More Traffic Pt. 1

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December 2, 2014


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HEAVY TRAFFIC. Something that most of us dread especially when we’re on our way to work, and worst, when we’re running late. But the Internet gives it a different meaning, turning it from a nightmare into a beautiful thing. See, in internet-lingo, traffic means visitors on a certain website. And if your website’s set up right and all the ads are intact, traffic means money. It’s a never-ending mechanism that’ll bring you profit. The more eyes that see your website, the more money coming in.

This is in no way a fool-proof way of generating traffic on your website. There are a lot of comprehensive, scientific, and deep coverage about the topic at hand. Some are free while some are not. But this series of posts will at least give you an idea about generating website traffic and lets you nail the basics. Without further ado.


Okay. Imagine this. I’ll give you, out of my resources, a million views, clicks, whatever, on your website EVERYDAY. Surely this is a good thing, right? But, will your website be able to handle this volume? Even more, can you turn this amount of traffic into something you can profit on? Will you be able to keep your visitors looking for more and have them visit your website again tomorrow?

The readiness of your website is a huge factor that’ll determine whether you can actually cater traffic. If people begin looking at your website, what can they do? What is it you have that they’re probably looking for? Are there any ‘gems’ they can find on your site? Would they learn something off of it?

Most successful websites in the web today are varied when it comes to focus. There are some that just talks about what they did that day, what they’re planning to do tomorrow, in the next month, etc. Sounds boring but they deliver it in a way that’s funny, interesting, and keeps you hooked. Other websites feature news, updates, press releases. Some will teach you stuff about computers, games, and tech stuff. So with this, it’s evident that any type of website CAN be successful. But WILL they be?

The difference between CAN and WILL  is sometimes overlooked but here’s the connecting line — CONTENT.

One thing a website really needs is massive massive quality content. That’s right. Quantity and quality mixed together always produce great results. This will give your viewers the things that they’re looking for. This will also give search engines criteria for them to put you in their ranks. It’s one thing to get visitors to view you. But if you give them what they need and/or what they want, they’ll surely come back for more. I’m not talking about just written content here. This can be in the form of blogs, articles, videos, music, etc. Some websites also offer live feeds on important events in which case people are going to their website just to watch LIVE what’s happening. Either way, there should be something on your website people are gonna look at.

Another thing you have to look at to get your website ready is  STRUCTURE. You won’t want your viewers to look at your website like a maze that’s hard to figure out. It should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. If you have the knowledge about making this happen then great. But if not, there are a lot of people out there with great skills who can work with  you in achieving a wonderful structure for your website.

To summarize, to prepare your website for the massive amount of traffic you’re looking to generate, you need to have a structure set as well as content good enough to make sure that your visitors will come back for more.

Next up, we’ll talk about SEO or Search Engine Optimization.