Google Blocking Works on Mobile Search Description For Search Results

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January 27, 2015


A female technician from Google, Zineb Ait Bahajji posted on Google+ that if the webmaster blocks the crawlers from their site, Google would show an unable message to searchers for snippets of mobile search results.

In August 2012, Google included a desktop version of this feature that they would show unable message to searchers in search results snippet if a webmaster blocks GoogleBot. This feature is enabled in mobile version also and this time mobile version will block Google even when it is fully crawlable in desktop version.

A search result for “deals” shows full snippet in desktop version where the mobile version shows an unable message and in “learn more”, the following are seen.

Results of the mobile version:


Results of the desktop version:


If CSS, JavaScript, or images files like critical files are blocked to crawl in Google, the same mobile results may be shown also.