Google Delivers An Animated Turkey For Thanksgiving

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November 28, 2014


It’s Thanksgiving! Yay!

Another roasted turkey on the dinner table. A compilation of organic goods and other harvests fill our plate as we celebrate Thanksgiving. In unity with all the people celebrating, Google’s new doodle features an animated turkey. Ain’t that cute?

It’s cool to see the word Google spelled-out using orange autumn leaves, and as the centerpiece, the second O in Google is being replaced by the turkey’s round body.

Whoever made that really shared a piece of his/her creativity. Thinking ahead, the turkey wears a snowcap and is almost ready to get on its ski and make snowman with its friends.

As a bonus, you can click on the turkey to see it get roasted. Just kidding. Once you click on the turkey, it’ll show you what Tryptophan really is and will shed truth on whether or not eating turkey during Thanksgiving will really make you sleepy. *yawns

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day and always be thankful for everything that comes into your life. Cheers!