Google Home Page And Search Engine Are Suggested To Set As Default For Firefox Users

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January 22, 2015

Google just loses their share from searching and Yahoo has gained the reputation by replacing the share of Google. Firefox deal of Yahoo is much responsible for grabbing the search share. Google is now getting on suggesting people to make the search engine and home page in default by hitting the suggestion tab showing for users.


After the deal was announced, from November it had been checked regularly for the Google’s promotion. Last day it has been changed in Firefox and Google is promoting to replace Yahoo.

Check out the following screenshot for message box for Google’s promotion:


At the top of the page, you can see the message box for default Google search engine promotion. There you can select two options. It is seen very commonly for getting Firefox users the promotional message box.

Check out the following Firefox page for more information:


Most commonly used Firefox software shows the above message for changing Google home page along with “No thanks” and “Sure” options.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10 and Lenovo Desktop with Windows 8.1 has been found to show the promotion box even though the homepage was set to Google Translate. In addition, this message box has not been found properly in Mac or other browsers than Firefox, i.e. IE, Maxthon, etc. However, it has been promoted to install Google Chore by appearing in a long message.

For Firefox users, Google has already tweeted in the last day for promoting to make Google Homepage and search engine by default.


Google tweet come to conclude on the Google’s site instructing how to set the Google search engine default in Firefox.


Here is the instruction page of Google for changing the homepage default when you will click for “Sure” option in Firefox message box as shown earlier. Take a look on it and this new page is similar to the above instruction for making Google’s homepage as default.


However, in this case, IE did not show up with this message, but some people also tweeted that they had experienced it. Google has tried for IE users to change the homepage with their search engine and homepage. Also, almost every search engine completed this campaign in different times through few years.

This message of Google is newer and it seems that Google has lost the share and trying to battle with Yahoo. Certainly, Google can regain some share from Yahoo soon by this and Yahoo may not get more effectiveness due to this campaign.