Google Is Still Searching More Than 1 Trillion Searches Every Year

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January 18, 2015

Google shared an update about the searches per year data in 2012 for the last time and did not tell the exact information at all. It is also not being known the amount of searched that Google is doing per year. So always, there is a burning question is that “How many times Google searches for the users per year, month or day?” However, this notorious search engine are not interested to share any figure without our estimation. It can be assumed that more than 1 Trillion searches are done every year by this most popular search engine in recent time.


Steven Levy has demonstrated a figure in his story at Backchannel that Google is dealing more than 3 billion searches per day with mobile services! This can the most reliable information in recent time.

Serving 1 Trillion Times!!!


The times of serving from Google are really too hard to assume without the daily counting from Steven Levy’s history. As, it has been described the amount to be more than 3 billion searches per day and by considering this result the calculation for a month is more than 90 billion times. In case of a year, Google is serving for more than 1.1 Trillion searches for the users. This also indicates the published stat getting from Google in August 2012. Still Google has not revealed any stat in the year of 2015. However, the previous stat from last time, it provided data for 100 billion search serving per month and with considering this, per year Google is going to serve more than 1.2 trillion searches!

In the story in Backchannel, Google confirmed to share the data of over 1 trillion searches as estimated per year. However, the information or figure for the “over” has not revealed. In this year of 2015, Google is not planning to share any stat on this topic and even in the near future, they may not share any further information about their servings.

What Can Be Guessed On Google’s Searches Amont?

As, Google is not sharing any information, so how can we can know more about it? We can go to our guess mates for the data and a few of them are reliable enough to guess the Google’s query growth. comScore is a great guess mate for third party estimation and they publish the amount of searches handled by different search engines. Also in 2012, they had guessed that Google served roughly about 110 billion searches worldwide per month. It’s nearly the stat provided by the Google in that year. However, there is not any published information available in this year from comScore! They only have guessed a gross estimation for US yet.


What Google is actually handing in searches, it is their counting, no other third [arty can actually guess it right. But as it has been expected that they are crossing the milestone for a trillion. Who knows how many would be the “over” in number!