Google Mopocalypse Is At Your Door- Run Chicken Little!!!

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April 11, 2015
Google Mopocalypse Is At Your Door- Run Chicken Little!!!

Recently, Google has begun to telegraph its punches to reach to the webmasters. Recently, Google has published some announcement, starting 21st April, a chance in algorithm will be being rolled out by Google to favor mobile-friendly websites is one of those announcers.

May be you are thinking it is not a major problem for your site, your website looking fine on your iPhone when you punch and whiz. But unfortunately your idea is wrong!

Probably you have got late into a competition which may be considered as game to revamp the mobile strategy, but still there is a chance in your hand; you may start now without wasting time anymore. Because the algorithm will be rolled out and refined globally.

You Have To Address Mobile, As Early As Possible  

Internet browsing rate with mobile is increasing very fast. Last five years we advised our client not to worry about the rate until it reaches to 20%. But now client of local business, showing 50% in their report of traffic and the rate is increasing gradually.


Recently an ad campaign has been run to get local focus on some social media like Facebook. No device was targeted- but the result showed that more than 90% people viewed it on mobile. So, it is clear that mobile is now a force which should be reckoned in case of online marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Bigger sites and brands have large resources to offer to market via mobile, meaning that it will keep continuity for Google smack-down. Hummingbird algorithm helps in starting local business.

In mobile-


In Desktop-


So, how a local business can be run, just go through three steps-

  • Getting on the mobile site.
  • Use of Barnacle SEO.
  • Location focusing.
  • Way of Getting a Mobile Site

Any business has a chance of becoming mobile-friendly by following any one of the three options: designing of responsive website, separate URLs and dynamic serving. Google generally recommends for design responsive website, although it has no particular format until the pages are ready to access to the Google-bot.

In case of responsive site same URLs and HTML code can be used for all devices- like smart-phone, iPad, laptop, etc. and interesting matter is this type of website, the consumers can get differently as the screen size of their devices are different. As it has a good side, it also has some bad side like- it required complete reconstruction of your website. Even so, statistics showed  that significant quantity of traffic approaching via mobile devices, before making the investment you better need not to waste time – you will probably get thank from your customers and reward from Google for your site usability.

You may use separate URLs for your site and after detecting the device different URL will serve different device as each type of device is helpful for detecting each type of URLs. In case of the dynamic serving same URL is used for all devices, but different HTML code is used for different devices.

For trade with increasing mobile traffic, the rate has not reached at serious percent, thus a merely mobile version (use separate URL) may be considered as a better option. Full site or a portion of the site can be used at the time of creating mobile version. If you want to select a portion of the site as mobile version, some important pages include it. At least top visited pages should include here.

Barnacle SEO: An Oldie Can Be A Goodie 

Barnacle SEO, you may think it as “if you fail to beat them, you will join them” policy. It is a system of identifying some high-ranking site and adding of own information to the online directories of those sites to borrowing well ranking of own site. Just like- attaches yourself to any large, fix your object, and waits for customers. This principally means making certain you optimize the business pages or business profiles on any online directories which belongs to high-ranking (fixed object) and uphold them around the web. You can easily find lots of directories and websites where barnacle is possible: Angie’s List, Yelp, Foursquare, Avvo, Google+, HealthGrades……….. Even TripAdvisor.

You may think…. Why online directories are needed. It supplies your information to the customers easily which is not possible through local business site.

Nobody Hears You In Mobile  

In last July, an update version of Pigeon algorithm has been released by Google. The intention is to improve the search experience for users by supplying more valuable results which are locally relevant. With Pigeon, consumers can get result relevant their location.

Now, local businesses with a website (mobile-friendly website) will enjoy some extra ranking factors as of the forthcoming mobile-friendly algorithm.

Location is an important target for mobile searching. Locations should be relevant and of course accurate.

There is no doubt that it is very much helpful for small business. It helps to find their target market. It provides the relevant information to the customers who are searching for.

The local business has to take challenge to break into top three results- which generally shown on a cell phone.

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Depending on your business and your industry,’ success depends on how easily the customers can find your information – people are now depending on phone for searching information than computers.

So, Choose Your Next Action

As with all updates of the Google algorithm, you have to allow some time. 60 days are enough to understand the impact. After that update or revision may need.

Within this time you can ensure your site mobile friendly. You can use testing tool  provided by Google for testing your site mobile friendly.

Dude can be really solved for local business. Mobile site-builder of Duda helps to create mobile version which will be simple and pretty robust by sucking all data.

Another step which is the vital part of the process is looking for the opportunity of listing of your website on locally focused directories.