Google Visitor Center Is Coming In BETA Version

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January 17, 2015

GooglePlex, the Google headquarter situated in Mountain View, California was not randomly accessible in past years.  You must have to get permissions from authorized administration by working there or knowing someone who works there. But in 2015, Google is now opening Google Visitor Center for allowing random people without the previous protocols.


It has been reported that the new visitor center has been released! A Google technician, Danny Sullivan has snapped some photos and shared the news in online at his Google+ account. The snapped photos are showing that this recent facility has been released in “BETA” labeling. And it is going to be released in the Pro version in the next Summer in this year of 2015!!!


As the photos captured by the Google worker and published in his Google+ account, it has been seen in the above picture. In addition, some other photos were published there- Ball pit, Android Minis, Google bike, Google Maps 3D Earth simulator, Google Maps Pegman and much more.

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