Some general techniques can provide you increase in traffic and Alexa rank with all other page ranks in no time. These will boost your business ranking to the top position for a limited time. However, in a longer term, they are nothing but wasting your time and money with all your hard work for your business. So, what will be better for a sound, safe and durable business marketing?

We consider and follow the saying, “Slow and steady wins the race”. Therefore, our concern is not to construct your page rank higher in no time rather we are promising you to supply a guaranteed solution for healthy marketing that will last for a longer time without hindering your job. We are offering you the best employment and our professional’s experience to establish a secure and durable business strategy for an unlimited time. Therefore, we are not promising you an exact time for getting the best result and the duration for completing the whole task.

We will use some superfine technics and simple procedures to provide you radical improvements in your search engine rankings on every search engine. Our experienced SEO experts are dedicated to focus on dynamic market analysis and help you with all the needs even after finishing the project. The latest, hottest and industry standards SEO market trends like White-Hat SEO will be applied to boost your page rank and we understand the requirement and policies of search engines to avoid spamming. We are in touch for serving you with quality effort in the shortest possible time and later on, contents and support for your website will be provided as required. We deliver the best search engine friendly, trustworthy and dependable service enhance the online reputation of our clients.

You can know our working procedure and up to date information about our working progress by checking the following steps of our working plan:


Phase I: One-Time Setup and Required Information Collection

In this phase, we will learn everything about your business and set up a one-time brand image for turning all the customers to be potential for your business.

Our dedicated team members are ready to serve you their quality work for building PR, marketing and web development of your business understanding the SEO needs. In depth-analysis will be taken out by the expert personnel to make a setup that helps to suffice all the SEO efforts for years to do.

1. Gathering Required Information:

The work process starts here followed by gathering information about your business and considering the customers, competitors, suppliers and the field of your business. Our researcher team works with their utmost care and dedication to get all the information relevant to your business. Thus, the development of a current branding strategy can be set up and planned for your business.

2. Finalizing Keywords:

When the required information collection for your business will be completed, we will go for choosing the suitable keywords that can generate more traffic on your website. The most trending keywords will be taken which are gathering more traffic in recent times. This step can be addressed as the building block of an SEO strategy, and so it has a great influence on your business. We take care of this very carefully and skillfully.


3. On-Page Analysis:

After choosing the best keywords for your website, we will go for checking the functionality with different specialized tools and tests. It will give an estimation of your site usability and compliant to the predetermined rules of different search engines. We are trying to make a checklist what will be performed for your website in this stage.

  • Searching for keywords.
  • Meta tag development and improvement.
  • Canonicalization
  • Checking for plagiarized content.
  • XML and HTML sitemap preparation.
  • Content development for home page and optimization of its.
  • Social media management and distribution of your contents.
  • Completely free WordPress Blog creation and its management.
  • Webmaster and Analysis Setup.
  • Search Engine Submissions.
  • Complete HTML Optimization (ALT tag configuration, custom 404-page setup, site’s load time and review, site’s structural improvement, corrections of HTML & CSS code, the standardization of the URL, testing of text readability, internal linking review, and optimization of robots.tx).
  • Local Setup, including Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo Local, Yelp and other local account configuration.


4. On-Page Implementation:

Our skilled and experienced team for analysis will finish the above steps and then we will try for on-page implementation strategy and start working on it.

Phase II: Content Creation and Distribution

This phase is completely emphasizing on the content marketing strategy and our skilled content writers are devoted to make your website live! The potential visitors want information about the site and do not make them dissatisfied without providing them the necessary information about your site. Content writers are working hard to provide you their quality effort to serve your visitors required advice, direction, suggestions and information about your site. We also work with your blog section and necessary content updates even after finishing the project depending on your order.


1. Delivery of Content Plan:

We generally build a concrete content plan, researching the information available as your need. It offers the best content marketing strategy for the better optimization for your site. We will provide you the titles and content details with related information for the approval and it will rely on the packages that you will order. Thus, the information gathered in the previous phase can be validated and if you need to approve, modify or reject the content marketing strategy, it will be helpful to decide for approval.

2. Create Contents:

Get the approved content plan for your website and we are producing quality contents including PR, articles, blogs, info-graphs, and videos of your site. The content marketing strategy needs to be pre-reviewed and verified by yourself. Our expert and experienced content writer are ready at your service to pay your needs appropriately in time. Leave the feedback, whether it need to change the content or it will be submitted for final approval.


3. Distribution of Contents:

Our devoted SEO team and the analysts will start publishing the approved contents on plentiful websites and pages to get the most exposure of your site contents. The traffic will increase in number from the different sources and the name and fame of your business will spread out to attract more potential clients.


4. Social Media Management:

Social media can be the great tool in present days for distributing contents and their self-promotion. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. are the popular social media platform to get audiences for the videos, pictures, info-graphs and more. The pages and groups of these media sites promote your business through makes more visibility of your site contents and this large exposure can boost up your potential clients/visitors to your site. We have an expert team for social media management to communicate and engage with your clients in online and measure the loyalty and equity of your customers’ business brand by using this great tool.


Phase III: Follow Up

We are providing you a real time information about the progress of the SEO campaign for your website and so, this phase is mostly linked with the previous phases. You can able to get up to date information about the SEO ranking and other statistics for the particular site on which we will be devoted to build a stable and long term durable SEO ranking. This phase implies on our efforts and experiences to make your website benefited through the following steps:


  1. Ranking Report:

Your SEO Campaign report will be up-to-date in weekly basis including the present ranking report for your website. Our dedicated professional will prepare all the information in the weekly ranking report and the ultimate expected results. You will be authorized to check the performance of our team member whether you want throughout the entire project.


  1. Activity Report:

We will update the activity report weekly to you, on which have been performed for a particular website in a week to inform you about our working progress. We are welcoming you to give us any feedback if we are on-track or you want to change anything.


  1. Discussions/Follow-Ups

Our skilled and experts team members are always at your service to clarify all your quarries in the quickest response. We will keep you in touch throughout the process to provide you the quality work with highest satisfaction through our best effort. Do not hesitate to ask for more services and information when you feel for it.