How to Find Log Files and Some Simple Uses Of Them

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October 18, 2015

It is much well known to SEO specialists from the best SEO Company that Log Files can be used for understanding the behavior of Googlebot. However, few experts among them may know the other fact that they can be also used to find the bad bots, which are crawling your website for better SEO optimisation. When these bots are spreading more, they are taking resources, executing JavaScript, duplicating and scraping content and inflating analytics.

The bot traffic report of the Incapsula 2014 checked 20,000 websites in a period of 90 days and described that more than 50% of the total website traffic was accounted for bots and 29% were possessed as malicious by their nature. The additional understanding of this report suggested that the more brand building would become you a larger target.


Here, we intend to provide you the simple basics of Log File usage and the way of finding them to block all the bad bots and Analytics reports’ cleaning.

Finding Log Files

You can always get a list of requests from all servers that were done to your host website. A customer trying to request from the Firefox browser or the Googlebot’s searching for newly pages is simply recorded to a simple file.

The server type or the host defines where the log files will be documented. Check some common platforms cases-

cPanel:  Apache hosts usually use this and you can find log files easily by clicking the necessary link.


Apache: You can find log files easily in /var/log and the subdirectories. Also, to quickly get the server logs, use the locate command “access.log”.

IIS: You can enable and configure “logging” of Microsoft servers using the ISM (Internet Services Manager). Follow the steps below-

Open Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Internet Services Manager >> Choose website >> Right-click to go to Properties >> Website tab >> Properties >> General Properties tab.

After finding all the log files, you can select the bad bots that are possible threats to your site. In need of a very good SEO consultancy firm, it is really so tough to find one. A few among the best SEO firms can help you to find the log files and block all the bad bots. Backlink Central is the most reliable name in this line for you and the best SEO in your website. The best and experienced experts are ready to dedicate their skills for the improvement of your website traffic. You can be safe and free from any tension in case of your new website building and the search engine optimization on your website. The fastest job done with the most accurate success can reach you in your desired goal of the competitive online market. Get the ultimate care for your task with the minimal costs.

We will post the next part about how to block the bad bots soon. If you want to know more and want to get more tips, you can be with us and keep an eye on our social media.