IgnitionOne: Paid Search Growth In Q1 US Showed Strongest Result In 3 Years

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April 4, 2015


It is found that, in 2015 the first quarter was a strong one in the US paid search market. The highest increase by year-over-year is 26 percent and it is the highest increase in three years. Since advertising technology firm IgnitionOne started the recording performance, it is the third highest rate.

Among the advertisers, Bing ads maintained its growth strip on the IgnitionOne platform. In comparison to the Google’s 73.1 percent share Bing Ads spend and increased to 26.9 percent share in advertising (more about this are as follows).

In the next two quarters, it can be seen that, the strong growth in the progressing US economy and increasing cost-per-click (CPCs) in mobile referred to the IgnitionOne. From Q1 2014 it also can be seen that, the expenses on smartphones increased 81 percent.

Moreover, year-over-year the CPCs increased 21 percent with Bing Ads up 15 percent and Google CPCs up 23 percent. IgnitionOne adds also led to higher CPCs to facilitate Google’s change to require “close variant matching” previous September (for close variants and plurals and misspellings the phrase match and accurate keywords can trigger ads).

In addition, even after coming off a strong enough holiday season CPCs were up 21 percent and ad spend increased 10 percent in quarter-over-quarter.

Google Partner Network Loses More Advertisers Resulting to Impressions Failure

For the quarter, the result, again, of other of IgnitionOne’s customers back out of the Google collaborates network the whole impressions were downward 20 percent. Clicks were downward 25 percent, ad spends fell by 11 percent and the impressions of search partner network were off by 46 percent.

On the contrary, the involvement on the Yahoo Bing Partner Network has been rising. Year-over- year spend was up to 30 percent and impressions increased up to 46 percent on the partner network.

Ignition comments that, unlike Google, the Yahoo Bing Partner Network are flexible in being able to eliminate reduced performing collaborate sites and that permit for better effectiveness and efficiencies.

Bing Ads Increases Share Slowly

The three successive quarters of Bing Ads growth in market share is notable, but the numbers are not tremendous.

With all the IgnitionOne customers Q1 marks the lowest share for Google since 2008 and maximum spend share Bing Ads has seen since the Yahoo Bing Network created in 2010.


Download the full report from here.