Know More About The Partnership Between Google And Twitter

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March 22, 2015


Again, Twitter and Google are coming back together by an agreement to provide full access for Google to the streaming of Twitter. It is also a news from last February and it has not been known in details already, but we can assume some relationship that is going to be taken place between the social and search.

Google’s Benefit From The Partnership

Google is going to get the access to the “firehose” or the stream of tweets that can sprays about 9,000 tweets per second. This will help Google not to have to make index for this information. Crawl Twitter used by Google was not sufficient to pull out search results of relevant tweets at the velocity of about 8,766 tweets per second. They might work together for better search results using “firehose”.

Google is always cozy for information and that would be preferable well-timed information, which can be more available on Twitter. People are now bored of 4 hours ago information and so, they can serve the information of 4 seconds ago.

The partnership made the users’ information availability faster, more democratic and richer. Totally, it is an awesome decision for engaging together.

Twitter’s Benefit From The Partnership

Twitter is getting the massive global exposure and they are as big as they need to expand it more. They already lost the users visit by 10% from the year 2013-2014! They also have the smallest share in the market among the five top social media. Again, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest is getting more visitors than of Twitter and suppressing it more! Therefore, this partnership can bring a great opportunity to come back.

Get Back To History Of Google-Twitter Partnership

They first made the partnership in 2009 when Twitter was too young and Google launched Real-Time Search using the correct tweet information from Twitter. In 2011, the partnership got an end, but the time has come again to lighten up the partnership for the sake of both internet based corporations.

Needs For Real-Time Marketing

Real-Time Marketing can be more effective in the dynamic marketing system and Google needs twitter for the ability of facilitated uprisings, coordinated revolutions, possibly made us stupid, enhanced protest, etc. At present, the most dominating search results are coming from Twitter.

So, finally wait and see what are going to be in the partnership between the search and social so far.