Responsive Design of Your Website for Mobile’s Advanced SEO Strategy

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October 18, 2015
Responsive Design of Your Website for Mobile’s Advanced SEO Strategy

Due to the rapid increase in the sale of tablets and smartphones, the need for a mobile-friendly and responsively designed website has earned much importance. As, SEO plays a vital role in the strategy for online marketing, it is necessary to have a best website design, which will be supported to multiple devices.

The sales of desktop have been overtaken by the sales of mobile and recently, the internet usage has been increased for mobile internet than on the desktop. Therefore, it can be easily predicted that the search quantity from mobile will be higher than desktop very soon. A recent statistical observation stated that about 67% users have claimed about their purchase from websites, which are a mobile-friendly and responsive designed.

Here, the argument arises that whether it need to have a separate website for mobile only or a responsive website is better. The debate ends with some cons and pros for both options. Which one will suit best for your best website designs is depending on some factors like the purpose, target audience and SEO. In case of responsive design, SEO is the main factor and you can know a few reasons behind this to be the best option.

#1 Google’s Recommendation

Google possesses the 67% share in the search market and so, it is obvious to listen to Google for better search marketing. It stated that the web designs should be responsive to multiple devices and referred it as the best industry practice. So, what can be the reasons behind this statement? In a website that is responsively designed will offer the same URL and HTML for all devices. This website design inspiration can help Google to index, content organizing and crawl more efficiently and easily. On the other hand, the separate mobile website will lead to index and crawl multiple times for different URL and HTML for the same website. Along with this, it is also easier to share, link to and interact with other contents than on the separate website for mobile only.

#2 Multiple Devices But One URL

Whatever the screen sizes and devices, you can get the complete user experience through the responsive website design. It is important to provide a singular URL for a same site than more links for desktop and mobile separately. This will make some room for the visitors with more user satisfaction as well.

#3 Easier Management

For performing any SEO campaigns, you need not cost more for separate sites. Again, it would be really so difficult to manage more URL and HTML for the same site. In case of that separate website for the mobile will lead you to more burden for SEO campaigning and administration management.

To have the greatest user experience with the highest user satisfaction, responsive website design can allow you the best and easiest management and less costly and more effective SEO strategy for mobile through a single link regardless to screen sizes and devices. In addition, Backlink Central can be the best company for designing the best responsive design for your website.