Search Algorithm of Google is Adding App Indexing to Ranking and Mobile-Friendly Factors

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March 4, 2015


Google has announced significant changes to the search algorithm and it will be affected for the ranking of mobile search results. From April 21, 2015, Google will start using mobile-friendly factors for its algorithm for the mobile search results. It will help to rank the mobile apps, which will take part in App Indexing and it will provide a better experience to signed-in users for better mobile search results.

Better Rank In Mobile Search Results through Mobile-Friendly Websites

Mobile ranking factors of Google will not only make your site as mobile-friendly, but also these can be used for providing higher ranking in the search results. Google has announced that the changes to its algorithm will bring a “significant effect” in all languages search results worldwide. In addition, Google has said that they are expanding the algorithm for mobile ranking demotion, which was launched at last 2013. In this new update, users can find higher quality and relevant search results in an easier way than the previous time for their specific devices.

However, the bad news is that this is not happening now and Google needs a few months to make it prepared to implement the ranking factors. They are experimenting these factors for mobile ranking. For preparing your site to have the mobile friendly website, you can try a mobile friendly testing tool and mobile usability reports of Google. To prepare your site, you can follow mobile guidelines of Google.

Mobile Apps to Rank in Mobile Search Results Better Indexing By Google

Google has also announced that Google will index apps for App Indexing in mobile search results to get better ranking. They will give these opportunities for those signed-in users only.

To learn more about app indexing by Google check the help area.