SEO Tips: 10 Slide Presentation Tips For Taking Local SEO Advantage

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February 1, 2015


For Local SEO and content marketing, there are so many types of media that can be used for promoting business. Slideshow presentation creation and sharing on the web can also be a very powerful medium to attract your potential clients. Slideshows can play a great role addition to your content marketing, expanding your business name and keep a strong internet presence. Therefore, it has been formed up here to make a slideshow optimized for the better visitor presence, collaborating with blogs and articles and yellow pages listings.

Here are some Slide Presentation Tips for Local Search Engine Optimization:


  1. Try to Avoid Graphics Embedded Text:

While creating a slide presentation in PowerPoint software like MS PowerPoint or Libre Office, try to use simple text rather using graphical text embedding images in PNG, JPG or GIF format. The slideshow should be a well presented and complete meaning to the audience. These simple texts will be easier for Google to extract and it can show a better keyword ranking. In addition, the embedded video content and graphical contents are too risky to be extracted by the search engines.

  1. Optimize Your Title Slide and Final Slide:

Title slide of an SEO optimized slideshow presentation is very important and so, you need to create it with main and strong keywords in the headline of the title slide. This slide should contain the name of the business, its address, contact, website URL etc.

The final slide also much important to make the audience clear about your business and keep the name of the business, its address, contact, website URL etc. here too. You can include here the social media accounts for your business.

  1. Use Header And Footer for Putting Relevant Info:

The header and footer of your presentation template can be incorporated with some information about your business name, phone, address or social media buttons. It can be more useful for local SEO.

  1. Linking And Sharing The Presentation:

Your presentation can link with your web server and get more inbound links through social media pages. Search engines can get indexed and list links to your PowerPoint files. In case of using slide sharing services, keep the links linked to your website profile.

  1. Using Slideshare For Uploading Your Presentation:

You can get your presentation uploaded to Slideshare and it is a very widespread slide sharing service that integrates with LinkedIn. It will provide you further linking advantages to search engines and other websites.

  1. Try In Other Slide Sharing Services:

Slideshare is no doubt a great slide sharing service, but there are several other services for sharing your presentation and you should try to upload there for more local SEO benefits. It would be better if you can make some differences to all the presentation uploaded to different slide sharing websites rather using the same presentation for sharing in multiple websites. Get a little different at least and spread them to few other slide-sharing platforms.

In addition, there are some services of websites where you can get your presentation optimized with some SEO benefits. Prezi is a great slide-sharing website where you can get transition effect and display options and it provides better page rank in search engines.

  1. Profile Page Optimization For The Used Slide Sharing Site:

Your profile page is the most important page for any slide-sharing site and you should take care of it for better optimization. In your profile, add the business name, phone number, address and image for the avatar, description with keywords, etc. Here you will obviously add the social media links if it can be added.

In some sites, the username becomes the URL for your profile. So, set the username as close to your business name as possible.

More Ideas-

  1. Slideshow Content:

Slideshow content is also beneficial for content optimization and marketing efforts. It can provide great design diagrams and illustrations. They can be used for illustrating your blog articles, posts, websites and sharing on Flickr, Pinterest or Instagram.

  1. Using Infographics

Infographics are the best for presenting a slide and they can be shared using infographic directory websites.

  1. Typical Video Optimization:

The slideshow can be narrated with local vocal persons or your own voice for better graphics and animated presentation. YouTube is much reliable and very popular for typical video optimization by sharing your slideshow.

Therefore, you can get a bunch of ways to optimize your own business for local search engine through a slideshow presentation. Do not miss this opportunity to optimize local SEO for your business.