SEO Tips: 5 Ways To Get Links Safely In 2015

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February 27, 2015


Link building undoubtedly important and it is also important to have a clear idea about that you are doing to avoid danger.  Neil Patel a columnist shares five tips on link building. It is known to all practitioners that although link building is necessary, but can bring a danger any time for carelessness.

Link building is thought as spams and unfair SEO technique by many of previous years; yet, good quality link is largest off-site factors for ranking to search engines. However, well ranking cannot be expected from the links build indiscriminately rather it will bring penalty.

Hence, in 2015 safely link-building technique is an important inquiry. Let consider more or less logical ways-

  1. Guest Blogging and Others

With many other techniques, guest blogging can be a potential technique. However, in carefulness is needed in this case. Matt Cutts the head of Google web spam declared, “Guest blogging is done” is partially true. Several blog networks have been taken by Google, which is the indicator of seriousness of Google to guest blogging. It also can be realized that Google will keep running the refining their algorithm and may be less-than-trustworthy guest blogging will be weeded out.

Still, there are and there will remain authentic side for guest blogging, and I am referring that-

Guest blogging does not mean a process of getting a guest blog itself. When editors or owners trust you as quality content creator you will not get permission of back linking on your site. They only interested to produce good-quality content that will satisfy their readers.   You may have written another article and if you have scope to mention that, you may entitle a link. However, a back link is not purpose of the guest blogging. When you will start doing that, it will not remain hidden to editors.

Sometimes it may require linking the subject, content and context of guest posts and you may do that. The goal should be clear, helpful and informative. You may encourage other influences to get guest blogging who are interested and skilled to write. Guest blogging considered as powerful process of personal brand and it will bring benefit for the company.

  1. Making Infographics

Drew Hendricks, in his recent article asked a question, whether infographics are still viable process of link building or not. The answer is clear-

“Infographics are the feasible course for the link building yet.”

Yes, his answer was not false but has some disclaim. Today, infographics are not using everywhere it only used in some business where lot of strategies are used and large budget is available. My personal experience says the popularity of infographics is decreasing. Until 2012, its popularity was good enough, but since 2012, effectiveness has declined about 57%. Since it is helpful for the audience, I am still using it.

  1. Get Activity on Social Media

Content marketing consists of two part first one is creating content and a second one is promoting those contents. Social media is the best place in 2015 where you may promote the contents. Just promote the contents on social media and start earning link to it.

It can be safely predicted that in 2015, social media is going to be cornerstone for blogging and it is already happening. I have noticed such sign on my site. After getting activity in some social media, article are, distributed, shared, mentioned, tweeted, talked about. Ultimately, some links come to me.

Getting active does not mean only drinking on social media for some minutes per day rather you should do something more like-

-Link posting to the article on social network, which you belongs to

-Submitting post by re-edit

-Posts submitting to stumble upon

-Posts submitting to

-DMs sending to mention people

It is not a direct way of getting links. Impact on ranking is also not same as links. However, when you share content, people read that content and start linking to the content also.

Number of backlinks and the amount of shares are related to each other. You cannot say all people will suddenly find your content. You have to promote it. If you have good stuff, you have not to be tensed for shares or re-tweets somehow people will share it.

  1. Link Asking

At the very beginning, let me make clear that I am not telling about links begging or link trading. Peep Laja can be an example, after writing any article he reached with companies and people mentioned in the post, from here he got some shares on social networks. That was a very good method of asking.

Approaching to the people personally known to you can be an effective process of link asking. It will be creepy when you go to people unknown to you for link asking. Moreover, maybe it will not be effective. It will help you to make a platform for you. If you get popularity people will know you. Even in such case, it may happen that some people know you who did not meet you before. When you will be able to grow up such relationship, your industry peers will respect and trust you.

  1. Personal Brand Growing

Links cannot be created industrially. Personal Brand Growing is a slow but effective method. You may follow any among the lot of methods like- helping people, outreaching, conferences, press coverage, guest blogging, getting help from mentors, etc. Obviously, these are not so easy and definitely, these will kill some time.

Although it is time consuming, it gives some incredible benefit. After hard work, if you able to develop a personal brand it will act as capital for business. You will be able to start new business simply based on your personal brand. Backlink will come naturally. Number of backlinks will be directly proportional to the power of a personal brand.  It means that the number of backlinks increases with the rising in popularity.


Year of 2015 will be considered as marks in building link. It has no doubt that link building is labor intensive, but to ensure top ranking of site top-quality links are essential.