SEO Tips: Avoid 5 Techniques that can Kill Your SEO

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October 18, 2015
SEO Tips: Avoid 5 Techniques that can Kill Your SEO

When setting up a new website, people move here and there to find the website that is labeled as good one. Usually, they follow them and in most of the cases, they copied the whole things that are good! However, the truth is that this is the worst doing for a new website. In addition, the results of SEO optimisation become poorer. Therefore, what can be done for having good SEO with lots of traffic on a regular basis to earn more from a single website? Obviously, you will need to have the SEO consultancy for the website that you are going to launch and check the below five SEO killing techniques to be more careful during setting up your new website.

  • Scrolling Endlessly

This technique is mostly used nowadays and often a misunderstood technique for websites. Some people think that user oriented purpose can be fulfilled in this way. However, only some user cannot bring you good SEO scores and it may ruin all your efforts. This technique is not a useless one really. Users can find it helpful when without clicking; they can access very long pages of data to read only. In case of search engine optimization, it pronounces the worst. The incorrect use of endless scrolling can damage your usability, SEO performance and other conversion optimization as well.

  • Lazy Loading

This technique is also used for website designing and it will let you have the content of next part available after going through that page or load the content or images when interacting with them. For example: A long content’s first part is visible after entering to that page and when you scroll down, you can get the next part for reading. In this case, Google will index your page whenever they are above the load point. Again, Google will not deal with the untouched part of the content and further, they will not index the rests of the content until the user is not interacting. Therefore, this lazy loading situation might damage your SEO reducing Google algorithms’ thin content consideration. It is needed to have enough content on access to be more than the index point to do better for SEO of your website.

  • Not Mobile-Friendly

You are going to make a disaster when you are not planning for a mobile friendly version. It will lose you in traffic from the entire organic search. In a result, traffic loss will lead to lose in earning. A responsive or adaptive mobile friendly website is very much important due to get Google ranking on its SERPs.

  • Hamburger Menus

Hamburger menus have become more popular for the mobile users who cannot get the tool menu. Again, when these users from mobile get into computers and they cannot find those options in their PC. It will raise more confusion, then, and this is not necessary at all. Therefore, a tool menu can be much more helpful to both users.

  • Parallax

It is also good when applying very carefully. Parallax offers to move the background camera slower than the foreground image content to create a deep illusion. However, often it is not used in the right way for the perfect reasons or context.

So, try to be more specific to your goal and decide what to do for better SEO and more traffic to your site. You are warned here for the sake of your rich earning. Deal with the best SEO company like Backlink Central for getting the best services and happy earning!