SEO Tips: Don’t Ruin Your Efforts Doing Unnecessary Mistakes!!! (Part 2)

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January 29, 2016
SEO Tips: Don’t Ruin Your Efforts Doing Unnecessary Mistakes!!! (Part 2)

For our potential customers and regular readers of our website, we have collected the rest mistakes that can ruin all your efforts. From the previous Part 1 of this article, we are going to discuss the rest unnecessary things to destroy your website.

6. Free Hosting Blogs Use

Anyone can get some blog services from free hostings. TypePad, Blogger and many other free hostings will give you a great and excellent platform. However, they will not offer you to install new themes, extensions and other plugins for having a great SEO results. Therefore, you should purchase a cheap hosting plan and register your personal domain.

7. Keyword Stuffing

Common stuffing is a great and common mistake in SEO though it is unethical and it might lower your search rankings. Try to make new pages for each keywords selected to get the better SEO result. Avoid duplicates and hidden texts and create more useful pages.

8. Short Contents

Many blogs and websites are generally suffering from short content. In this website, we do not prefer to submit any article under 350 words or even shorter. Short content posts can hurt the readers and it will punish you with low SEO results.

9. Doing SEO Incorrectly

One can find many ways to optimize SEO for his site, but some general rules can help you. In link building, for example, one may link their posts on the front page only, but he should do it in the most popular blog posts also.

10. ALT Tag Using

Though Google does not give emphasis on the ALT tags, Yahoo, Bing, AOL do that. So in case of image rename, you should put a keyword of your post in the image name. For example, for a community empowerment blog, rename the picture with “community-pic” at least.

There are many SEO mistakes, which are done regularly by the novice website owners. There might be broken 404 pages, errors in the content, sitemap not updating, etc. Unorganized content post will distract your potential readers. This will lead your overall experience lower. However, following those above tips can help any blog owners to improve his blog with proper SEO.