SEO Tips: How to Obtain Most Demo Calls For SEO Software Platforms

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March 1, 2015

SEO Demo Call

You finally came to the decision that you need a solid SEO for your company and finished all the homework for narrowing dealers and the things needed for attracting them. Therefore, it is the time for a real Demo for showing all the best performances and announcements. Now, you need to know how to prepare the Demo and what the main points are that you need to follow. In the recent report of Marketer’s Guide for SEO platform 2015 at the Digital Marketing Depot, the data for the SEO software evaluation, market trends, plus profiles for foremost dealers are the concerning part. We have tried to draw an excerpt outline of that report here:

What Should Be Considered For Demo Call

You must know the things needed for arranging the Demo Call. Make the shortlisted dealers invitations with shorter time frame after getting the responses to the RFP. Be sure to include all the internal users who are potential on your demo call and follow the below things:

  • Is the software easier to use and at what level?
  • Do the dealers/customers understand about our business and marketing needs?
  • Is it, explaining the features, which are “must-have”?

Make sure to answer the questions towards your satisfaction and repeatedly show how it works for better explanation.

Ten Questions Need To Ask During the Demo Call

What other questions are needed to ask the dealers during the demo call are as follows:


  1. How do they measure their search volumes?

To know about the treated manner of the system for the types of information that will influence SEO, description of values of targeted keyword terms, decision making of keywords and choice of contents with the impact of ROI in effort of search marketing. To know about the tool whether it extracts raw data using broad match, exact match, phrase match or others.

  1. Does that system track millions, billions of site ages, searches, visits, etc.?

To know if this platform can be the perfect solution for your enterprise or this tool is just a simple tool to scale your business. Using the system could affect or increase the cost significantly with the traffic tracking and pages, limiting the keyword ranking number.


  1. How do you prefer or support search internationally?

In international SEO, there can be many nuances to mislead even your best SEOs! Therefore, the search for the numerator in the Avg clicks per search of this platform, Avg search volume that is normalized for the market search of local and international and the search rank calculation place whether it is within the country or remotely for proper diagnosis. ROI can be affected by the mismanagement of global data for the search marketing determinations.

  1. How are you going to track the entire search results?

As a local SEO expert, you will go in knowing the position of your site in the page for search results. Are the listings coming in the search results? Or in the article section or news or in the video results? Thus, the feedback report and location will help you to measure the tactical and strategic efforts.

  1. What are about the reporting options? Are they flexible and robust?

Your users need various reporting needs and these should be more automatically delivered and customized according to the needs of your users.

  1. Have you found the actionable reports?

There is a large amount of data and dashboards in all Enterprise tools, but you need to know where, how and which reports will offer you best benefit to your business in the shortest time.

  1. What other data that system can provide though API?

To calculate ROI more accurately, BI system or CRM data can be helpful.

  1. Are there any work procedure that can help me to manage the work of web development, marketing, social media, content, and PR teams by the organization?

A platform that act for a true enterprise will have the work procedure to manage the work of web development, marketing, social media, content, and PR teams by the organization.

  1. What types of support will be offered from the account team and how will you measure the features, which can be included to use, or non-use?

A vendor needs to be properly issues addressed and it will show how it will creatively support and provide users’ engagement.

  1. What are the main features to launch and when it will be launched? What is the complete roadmap for long-term update or launching dates?

It is important to provide the exact data for the above question.


Take time before final selection and make a list that you want to present in the demo call. Best of luck!