SEO Tips: Include Customer Service In Your SEO Program

January 23, 2015

Often it is seen that the marketing team is not collaborating with the customer support team. But it will be the greatest idea when these two teams will work in an integrated way. This collaboration may lead your SEO program successful.

If the marketing team members arrange a meeting with the support team members, they can discuss about more and newer marketing strategies and initiatives about what the customer support team needs to be aware of. In addition, the marketing can know what the customers want to know and what are the problems and issues that they are worried about. This information is very much effective and priceless for a successful SEO program.


Therefore, the support team can play the most important role to collaborate the whole marketing and SEO program. An integration will take over the site’s SEO prosperity. You can do it by the following ways:

Need For Ideas and Contents

A new site must have enough information to attract the visitors and for the business sites, it is the great challenge. It needs to come up with new ideas for contents for what the buyers are looking for. It has been reported in the B2B Web Usability report in 2014 that 83% of the visitors will leave the site when they cannot find anything informative what they are searching for. So creative contents are must initiate a site and run a successful SEO program.

Contents For Customer Support

It is obvious to have more customer support options for the buyers. If you add more support like social media, call center, live chat and support communities, there will be more lacking to be addressed and find out the answers for following questions:

  • What information people are asking to know?
  • What are the potential clients searching for?
  • Is all the information available on the site?
  • If they are in your site. Where are they? Or, if not, what more and where they need to be added?
  • If the visitors’ questions related content with answers are available on the site, but not likely to get it, how they can get more widely access to those contents?

How the different customer support can help you in the first place:

#1. Olark, the popular live chat services or other live chat can help you to track the conversions and you can check the previous question and solutions were there.

#2. Support communities and Social media enhance publicity and they are widely available to the visitors. This information is easy to analyze and much helpful for your site.

#3. The frequently asked questions are great assets for your site and you can prepare a FAQ page with technical information to make them accessible to your potential visitors.

#4. The general product information and asked questions are great for instructive blog contents. Create some attractive and informative blog contents for providing more information about your site.

social customer care

Some more contents can be spawned for and from the visitors’ information:

  • FAQ Page (General and Technical)
  • Tool Tips
  • Whitepapers
  • Instructions and Product Videos
  • Blog Posts

The Google Webmasters can be helpful for creating these video contents using the customers’ questions and answers.


Above all, you need to provide the content exactly what the customers are going to know. Set your ideas according to your site and product for the potential audience.

***Extra Shots: If you want to get positive feedback in your information, create case studies, reviews for products or testimonials (Unbounce can be helpful for testimonial creation) for the site.

Keyword Perceptions

After checking the needs of contents and potential ideas implementation along with the information for customer support, it is very much important for the better perception of keywords for the contents. This can be the summarize part of the customers discussion and questions about your site of certain service or products. Use your insights for keywords by answering the following questions:

  • What do visitors say about the products?
  • What keywords they use to get the features and products?
  • Is there any on-site keyword, which is not clear?

The most difficult thing will be the use of keywords and content according to customers demand rather SEO acceleration for the SEO program. Even the customer service team may not notice the questions of your precious clients. Zappos approach will be helpful for training your customer team members as they offer two weeks special training. Try to monitor the calls, chat logs for the conversation of your visitors periodically, and check out the social media sometimes for confirming that the customer service is perfectly going on.

Link Building

Link building can be a great and a strong tool of customer service for SEO program. It is very careful to make a customer satisfied or it will move to twice others potential clients than the satisfied customer. The mentioned Zappos approach can help you out on how making them happy. Once they can do it perfectly it will lead the organization to more business and more potential clients and more links for the SEO team.


The Customer Support team is one of the best and most valuable asset to your site and SEO program. Use their information and share with the marketing team to get the best result and set up periodical meetings if possible. Enjoy the most sound and successful SEO program through this way.