SEO Tips: Learn a Realistic SEO Timeline with Better Understanding and Explanation

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February 18, 2015


How much time should take to see the results of SEO? According to Stephan Spencer a great columnist, there is no direct answer. He also said – SEO timeline depends on some factors.

Think a condition; you are an SEO consultant and rank of the site that you are consulting for- is trance to bottom. May be it is a hit of manual penalty and competition is outperforming you in sales and in result. Undoubtedly, it is a tough case………….

Generally, a marketing manager or site owner cannot understand why the ranking of their site is not improving or at least why it is decreasing – whereas they are making huge changes of their site as per SEO practitioner advice. At that situation as an SEO consultant, undoubtedly you are passing tough time. In addition, it is simple that you are excited about SEO faster.

Or, it may happen that you are implementing strategic one after one, but these are not working as you want. However, it is very simple that whole team is not balanced with the knowledge about the nature of “realistic timeline for SEO.” How the information gap can be solved?

Let see some ideas for solving the problem:

  • Sit Fitness

Matt Morgan of Optimize Worldwide wrote an article in May comparing between SEO and taking antibiotics.  It was an excellent article indeed with very good analogy but the story is incomplete.

SEO is a current problem fixing and giving a preventive measure at that level to ensure continual improvement. It is a continuous process and it should not stop after giving a short-term treatment.

It will wise to say that tasks of SEO are similar to give fitness routine. To achieve a good result, it should run continuously. Like fitness routine tasks of SEO should not be skipped or stop all together.

The first step of SEO is to diagnose the site to find out existing problem and provide guidance, which will help to strengthen the site, ranking and reputable authority over time. It can be compared to the doctor who diagnoses our problem and recommends a suitable fitness routine – “what could be done and what could not be done.”

Do not be so fast and do not expect extreme result, it may cause over correction and hamper the site further. Just think about over diet – it may suit our bodies for the short term; it cannot bring long-term benefit for our body.

  • Long-term Thinking

SEO is not a job of short duration rather it is a continuous process. It required proper thinking and work according to the demand of time. The tactic of SEO, which ensured the site on the first page of search engine in the past, may be failing to do so now. It is a simple matter because its value may fluctuate regularly, meaning that value within a search engine-ranking algorithm may fluctuate. Discounting of such tactic may cause a drop of the site’s rank and efforts of SEO consultant may be obscured.

SEO depends on many variables. An SEO consultant works with the code, SEO, design, etc. according to the decisions that generally made in different duration like- recent past, long past, present and future. Thus, audit is important for maintaining the SEO relationship. Otherwise, some problem may remain in hiding that generally do not show up on the radar screen, and cause damage to the site silently.

So, after ensuring a foundation, try to make a good action plan and move forward as per the plan to bolster the site’s reputation. Do not try to fix the site from foul play because it may bring a worse result for the site. Alan Bleiweiss an SEO consultant described a case of his client site. He also prescribed the long-term view for SEO project.


  • Team Effort

There are many factors, which can affect SEO success-, and a large portion of this success depend on another department or team (on their efficiency and cooperation). Among the teams, social media and IT are especially mentionable. There is no scope to underestimate the works of SEO because it is not only managing the keywords, but also directs the movement of the site.

  • Timing

There are many SEO tactics, putting up of new content may be one of them. Yes, it can be hoped that among a large number of content, at least small number may be seen by a large number of people. However, prediction is not an easy job. Sometime, even experts become confused. It is important to place the contents at right time at right place. This right time can be predicted by following some technique. Just think about the seasons and of these seasons what the interest of the audience is. Try to put some awesome content that people feel interest to share.

From this article, we can conclude it that before starting SEO efforts, we should confirm something like- situation assessment, plan both long and short term strategies.