SEO Tips: Techniques for Optimizing Search Engines on DuckDuckGo

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February 8, 2015


What can do better for you as a new search engine than DuckDuckGo? The Verge said in their pages that DuckDuckGo is less creepy and it can replace Google. Also, this rising search engine is associated with iOS 8 as their default search engine! Therefore, this new rising star has faced so many odds, but got a rock star status to the search community.

DuckDuckGo is following an upward line in users’ statistics and it is not slowing down. The privacy policy like “not saving/tracking the user info” driving the users to DuckDuckGo. The following daily quarries are showing the users’ statistics reaching a higher position as a startup search engine.


Source: DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is not popular as Bing or Google, but your site may need a little more optimization for competing here for a better place. Check the following four advices for getting your site ranking better in DuckDuckGo:

  1. Users Are Everything

All the search engines are concerned about users as the most popular search engines like Google, Bing. CEO of DuckDuckGo, Eli Schwartz said in an interview to Search Engine Land that they are also concerned about the “users”. He also added that DuckDuckGo is much privacy concerned, no tracker and useful and potential alternative to other search engines. The interview shows that private is a great word to describe the new search engine.

SEO is not about hacking or techniques rather it is the creation of great and killer website with the best user experience and zero spam.

  1. Links Earning

Link building is much preferable for earning backlinks of high quality and DuckDuckGo rank a website depending on the link profile data as other search engines do.

The official community from DuckDuckGo dictates that the better ranking can be gained by getting high quality website links like the Wikipedia or others. So, in a word you need to get more good links for better ranks. You can also get the estimated links from a website above your rank through DuckDuckGo’s algorithm and it works as Google.

  1. Best Semantic Search Strategy

DuckDuckGo is none other smart search engine like the Bing and Google are! You can enjoy the semantic search techniques for better ranking for your website.

Get to the bottom search example of searching “backlink central”. Check out from the following pic what we can get:


The top organic searches are from “backlink central” and it is not the matter of surprise anymore. You can also get the result from Wikipedia, as it is one of the top ten websites if you have a Wiki page. So the user can get the semantic tilt from DuckDuckGo and it will help them to get the surface results.

  1. Try To Use Hyperlocal Search Terms Though The Results Are Less Precise

DuckDuckGo is not refining the local results with a specialized algorithm like the Google’s Pigeon algorithm and they do not track you. So, they are roughly locating you with the IP address. DuckDuckGo cannot go for the best local searches like the Google. However, you can add your position for better local results. Thus, you can also use some hyperlocal terms for describing your website with your position, nearby places, roads and other terms what the users may search for.

DuckDuckGo is a newer search engine, but the SEO techniques are same as Google’s and the above tips may help you out for better optimization for your site.