SEO Tips: Ten Common Mistakes You Need To Avoid On Local Website

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February 6, 2015


Now a day, the most common question comes from both Search Engine Land readers as well as potential clients is that what they should do for local search success. As “Pigeon” is rolling out all over Australia, Canada and the UK, so it can be clearly said that its posts are still stacking everyone’s news feed of those countries. Therefore, the business owners are now looking for the solution for the “next best thing” for local SEO.


Now, I am going to discuss about the most common concerns that are seen in local business websites. It has been made by talking to potential clients and chatting at conferences and based on the mistake that is done frequently. Therefore, if anyone follows the instruction, then it must help him to avoid the common mistakes on a local website.

  1. The Brand Is Not The Only Point To Be Focused

Most of the business owners think that they need to focus only on their brand, but it is a true matter that it is the only one part on which they do not need to be anxious. One thing you should always keep in your mind, you are the only business with the particular name and you need not to optimize it. Sometimes you are the only business or you may see few other businesses who sell the same brand of products or services that you sell. Try something more rather focusing your brand name.  You can beat your opponent by being more than just brand of products.

  1. Try Something Different Along With What You Sell

You have a website for selling products. However, that does not indicate that you will only tell about your products that you sell. You will get competitors around you, selling the same product or services, even with the same brand. Therefore, you have to do something different so that the consumers like your website. Tell about your story, your business, and your community. Do anything to beat your competitors.

  1. Don’t Think That People Already Know What They Want

Most of the people think that they do not need to show any site content other than their products on their website. They think, people come to their website by searching their specific products on google. That is not true. Never think like that. If you want to catch customers earlier then you must create a splendid website with a great user experience.

  1. Try To Optimize Local Element On-Site

Some factors should be taken care of mind to optimize local element on-site. For instance, specific ranking factors, general ranking factors, factors most affected by pigeon. If anyone takes care of the first three factors, then he will get his local optimization essentials set up appropriately.

  1. Give Emphasize On Optimizing Off-Site Local Signal

You need to maintain the standard of Local SEO tips posts. Be sure that your citations are consistent and listed where it should be listed. Use relevant links, particularly from locally relevant sites.

  1. Be Concerned About Your Homepage

It is one of the most frequent failing of local business site. One thing should always be kept in mind that “a slide shadow with ten images never can be the equal content. Consider your home page as your business advertisement. Therefore, your consumers have to be able to understand what you do as well as the search engines have to have the content to index. If there are only some slide shows and links of your products then you must miss the opportunity for both human and google to like your website

  1. Never Forget About The Internal Page

There are many sites where they only say some simple words like that; they sell this product in this area etc. Please contact us for further information. However, most of the customers visit the site to learn in detail about your product. Therefore, if you do not give the detail information on your site, then the visitor will leave your site. Without real content, your pages will not ever rank in Google.

  1. Never Spam Cities Or Keywords

Take the keywords importantly. Because, if you do not put it perfectly, then your page will never rank in Google.

  1. Be Concerned About Your Title Tags

You will get 500 pixel to make your title tag that is usually 65-70 characters. However, most of the business owner makes their title tag with 150+ characters. If you write your title tag with more than 60 words, then google will rewrite it. So write your title tag perfectly.

  1. Update Your NAP (Name, Address And Phone Number) If You Change It

If you ever change your NAP information then update it wherever it appears. If you do not do it, then you will get inconsistence, and confusing signals, which make it harder to rank. Most importantly, you will lose many customers who will get your number off due to not updating it.

These are the fundamental basis of local SEO strategy. Keep these always in your mind to avoid those common mistakes.