SEO Tips: Ten FAQ on WordPress SEO That Killed My 10 Years to Get Answers!

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February 15, 2015


Are you looking for something related to WordPress for blog or website? Let journey through the questions, which are frequently asked.

There are many systems for content management and have many platforms for web publishing which are used by SEO Experts WordPress is one of them, which is more popular than any other. Now many companies, bloggers, web shops depend on WordPress for running their respective sites. It is versatile in use and large range of compatibility attracts the designers concern. Users also love it because it is simple and effective in use.

The blogging system with WordPress is so simple that anybody can run it with little knowledge, even sometimes coding knowledge does not need. If we mention 10 million of top class websites of the world, I am sure about 25% of those are depending on WordPress.

Although the operating system of WordPress is easy, it can cause tempting to us or make us overlook some objects, which are important for SEO ultimately business growth will be hampered and profit level will be affected.

Systematic guideline for WordPress SEO may not be found from this post, but answer to some FAQs would be clear. The reader will be familiarized with WordPress and some general confusion about WordPress SEO will be eradicated.

  • Question-1: Some people say WordPress is search engine optimized. Is it true?

WordPress is not search engine optimized. Yes, it is friendly for search engine but it is not enough alone for SEO. To get good results in SEO still some work is needed. Do not think only WordPress will ensure well rank for the site on search engine magically.

CMS vendors help in selling point. They show creativity in announcing when client meetings held. They also take responsibility of highlighting it with marketing materials.

“Search engine optimized” and “search engine friendly” are two things, but most of the cases the leaders or the business owners who have no much knowledge (technical knowledge) mingle two things, as they are similar sounding terms. Even some companies spent equally for both, as they believe in equal SEO impact.

However, unfortunately both do not work similarly for SEO. WordPress can offer a good starting point only. A site building does not need much spend of time and money, SEO elements can be added into it. Job will not be tough only have to know how.

  • Question 2: Some asked, he has installed a WordPress SEO plugin. That means he does not need consultant for SEO, right?

Actually, it is not correct. An SEO is not something, which is quick and easy for installing. Forget to think that you have installed something and the job is finished rather it needs continuous effort.

Up to this, no such type of WordPress plugin has been invented which can serve all the need of SEO. For example, a big hammer is not enough for building a new house. It is not more than a tool. In the same way, WordPress installation may be a step toward the SEO.  In addition, off-course we may consider it as a first step.

An owner needs someone who are specializing in organic search, who know about SEO and will be able to strengthen the marketing, also keeps the company free from fear mistake, which may cause huge cost. Eager of being relationship for the long term may be considered as his other quality.

Let us see some real examples that will be helpful in better illustration.

-Upgrading of WordPress or installation of any new plugin may alter website’s code, which may affect negatively on site SEO. If the SEO expert has not accounted for, the site will lose rankings.

-Loading speed of a site is considered as an important factor ranking on search engine algorithm. The addition of any new plugin may slow the site down – ultimately impacts on ranking.

-Content marketing which is a creative work for online business. Optimization of content, arrangement of the contents based on keywords is also important because it will attract the customers. Only WordPress has not enough done this.

-To ensure of site’s optimization SEO audits should be done periodically. These periodical audits ensure that the site is running abreast with the changing environment of SEO. WordPress as well as SEO consultant is important simultaneously for this job.

  • Question 3: How does a best WordPress plugin can be chosen for the website?

SEO plugins are two types a. All in one SEO pack and b. WordPress SEO by Yoast. First one is more popular and the second one is little bit economical.

The additional plugin may be needed along with SEO to fulfill our tasks. Tracking code can be one of them for implementing analytics.

Before choosing any one of the plugin(s), following criteria should fulfill-

Compatibility: the plugin, which is being chosen, should be compatible with existing technologies is being functioning. Future compliance is also considerable criterion in this case.

Support: For long-term use, technical support from developers is a considerable criterion.

Popularity: is it popular enough in the community from where we may get advice in case of crisis?

Future development: it is important to know the updating history of the company before choosing any plugin.

  • Question 4: What are the factors for choosing a WordPress hosting solution?

Simplicity of installation, cost as well as server management is the factor that can influence the choice. The choice also depends on resources, ability and time. If everything is in the favor virtual private server can be chosen. It can be managed according to the owner’s will.

Otherwise managed WordPress may be chosen which handle everything and keeps the owner tension free. The following criteria should also be considered-

Support: certain plugin may not supported by the hosting providers. So it should be checked to avoid contradiction.

Backup and Restoration: before choosing think about backup and restoration process in case of emergency.

Reputation: research on the reputation of the providers also on the balance of their fame and quality of hosting solution they offer.

Terms and Conditions: Thinking before accepting any offer, because most of the cases the terms and conditions of the offers are biased but difficult to evaluate.

Expertise: think about whether the provider is WordPress specialist or selling expert only. The servers may slow or security system may not be well protected which may affect your site badly.


  • Question 5: Can free WordPress hunt the SEO?

Actually, it has no direct answer. There is some free WordPress, which is not harmful to the website at all, rather it can be considered as great scope of WordPress. However, these not true for all some may hunt SEO. Something more should be considered here as following noted terms-

-Availability of spam links

-Update and support of the package

-Opinion of others (especially expert)

-Whether or it is mobile friendly or not.

  • Question 6: Which one is better among new domain, sub-domain and subfolder for SEO?

It is very simple to raise this question when someone running any company website and thinking about adding a blog.

If it is a short-lived campaign, the new domain is ok. Alternatively, if the owner does not want any SEO effect on the main website, new domain also needed. In that case, an SEO expert can help to keep well rank of the site. Or help can be taken from content marketer’s whose work is very creative and kept the site’s position with keywords strategy. Before that, think again of necessity of the new domain. Or you may carry with sub-domain. On the other hand, installation of WordPress in subfolder is suitable for SEO.

  • Question 7: What is the effect of adding a post to many WordPress categories?

On WordPress, owners may assign his pages or posts to different categories and many of us think it is good for SEO but actually, it is not good for SEO. It will affect the site badly. Posting of the same content in different categories will be considered as duplicate content because it will appear on different URLs. Obviously, it should be avoided or informed Google. When the content will appear on only one URL, have no need to be tensed about the duplicate.

  • Question 8: Which one is better for SEO HTML5 or H1 tags more than one on a page?

When we will think about designing, use of more than one H1 tags in a page is not wrong, but it is not right for SEO. It will be considered as spamming! Experts recommend for use H1 tags in heading only.

  • Question 9: What is the way of improving SEO by WordPress Widget?

The contents can be published in multiple pages with the help of WordPress widget. SEO is risk free in this process. However, it bears very little advantages. To get more benefit from it widgets can be used in-

-Adding a social layer

-Adding media plugin

-New post and photo

-New contents to discover easily

  • Question 10: Is it important for SEO to use user’s native language?

Obviously, speak in the user’s native language. It will be helpful for SEO.  WordPress is giving the scope of translation. Just configure the installation, enjoy it, and make profit in your online business.