SEO Tips: Useful Three Non-SEO Tools for Better SEO

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October 18, 2015

People are always seeking for the best tools for SEO that can bring some more visitors to their site. However, we have found many tools that can be better for SEO and our expert team is always trying to get more shiny tools by testing and implementing new tools every day. Not all of them are successful, but we have found some tools to be effective for better SEO. In this article, we are going to share three important and successful non-SEO tools, which have scored a great score for better SEO optimisation. Go through the below tools for a wise SEO consultancy for your website-

  • Canva

You may need of quick graphics and it might be that immediately like straight right now. So, what should you do in that case? You can simply get to Canva for the default photo library and choose the graphics or images, as you need for the blog post that you are going to post immediately. Though you may think that you are not a great designer, you can simply get the image from Canva within 5 minutes as required using the general sense of what looks better and what is worse.

Cost: It is free for image editing, but it will cost $1 for pulling each photo from the default photo library.

Link: Canva


  • InSite 5

Matt Cutts video shows the impact of grammar on the rankings of your website:

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InSite 5 deals with the increase in visitors aiding the rankings through avoiding the wrong grammar issues and annoying spelling on your website. This desktop software can check your website for grammar and spelling errors. There is a dictionary for getting customization for false positives elimination. After completing the crawls, you will get a PDF report for the contents on your website. This will be great for using regularly to make your site more efficient.

Cost: $60

Link: InSite 5

  • Attentiv

When you are working as a team, collaboration is much more important in terms of successful work. On a website, there must a team of five people for completing any project (design, technical SEO, link building, project management, content, etc.). Attentiv is the best tool for the collaboration among all the members in an asynchronous and easy way. All the members can open the Attentiv window next to their email and get connected with polling, threaded commenting, idea sharing, etc.

Link: Attentiv

Cost: Get free for first ten users and then it costs $5/month per user.


In searching for the best SEO for your website, you can get those three tools that can be effective for your website. For having the best SEO Company, we can suggest you the name of Backlink Central. Being a trusted and reliable SEO company, Backlink Central will do you those above favors along with the rankings. You can find the best services as per request from the SEO professionals for more visitors on your site at the lowest cost.