SEO Tips: Ways To Present Your Contents Before Millions Of Visitors

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March 29, 2015


Writing a good content is important and the presentation of the content is more important at the same time. That is why make sure visitors are finding your valuable content easily. When search-engine algorithms are enough at ranking and discovering your content on website, your job has not been finished rather you have to do a lot to influence the process. You may publish your content to any blog, but it is not enough only publishing the content, it is the very beginning step (among so many steps) in the advertising process. It will not ensure of seeing your content by people. There is a long way to go to present your content before millions of visitors who are the targets of you.

  • Balance Quality Content With Search Engine Optimization


Keyword adding to the content is a part and an important part of SEO (search engine optimization) but there is no scope to think that SEO is only adding keywords. SEO is finding out the obstacle of being found your content and disappearing of that obstacle. The obstacles include- issue of site architecture, usability, navigation, keywords/content.

You may engage an external SEO firm or consultant, or handle it yourself, you should confirm appropriate resource (resource can be money or time) investment in uncovering find-ability issue. The job of an SEO practitioner is to run the respective site with some tools regularly to ensure good rank.  He will try to bypass the content. If you invest time and money into optimization and keywords research, you will notice that searchers are finding your content more often.

  • Write Convincing Title Tag

A title tag is an important element of SEO. The title tag is the link that found by visitors as a search result. Generally, it consists of a few characters and by those limited word an attractive message has been given. It should be convincing enough to make a click by visitors. Search engines provide these tags important weight when shaping how the pages should be ranked.


There is no magical pill on ranking top. Other pages will try to make you down. However, if you go with technique and make strategic change to your title tag, it will give good result in page’s ranking.

  • Make Sure Proper Utilization Of Keywords

Optimized title tag should be supported by the content that you will post on the blog. If any specific keyword is targeted in the title of a blog post, the content should be related to that topic. As such, keywords using throughout your content would look like natural. However, keep in mind it is not only using keywords into your content. It is about creating content that is reliable to the heading you are trying to address.


Off-course you will use keywords when you create an authoritative content, but it should not be repeated unnecessarily. Search engines look for something more than the repetition of keywords. They are more interested to see your understanding and firm grasp on the topic. Liberally incorporation of other word(s) that come frequently in creating authoritative document under the same topic is important.

For instance- if write about mangrove forest, you will do something more than repeating your keyword “mangrove forest” throughout you content. Obviously, you will use “forest” and “mangrove” throughout, as will “mangrove forest”. However “species,” “animal,” “ecosystem,” etc. also should be used.

You have to think of coming out of the circle of single keyword-phrase and should think about the whole topic. This will help you to ensure your site good ranking.

  • Optimize Alt Attributes And Images

You should not forget about image. Images are important avenue. It can be used for reader engagement and traffic.


Adding Alternate text (aka “Alt attributes” or “Alt text”) is a common method to optimize images. Alt-attribute is a code of HTML for the image.  It becomes visible when we mouse over any image or showed when an image fails to load.

A caption or image title also can be used. Even you may use a description. Appropriate keywords also can be used for the file name.

These elements will provide information about the images to the visitors and search-engines. In addition, it may able to provide a sense of the images. Whatever, image can be used as a strong reinforcement for optimization of your page.