The Significance of Blogs, Online Videos and Social Media to Help Your Business Develop

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January 1, 2016
The Significance of Blogs, Online Videos and Social Media to Help Your Business Develop

In the near past, there were few sops in the town including a baker and a candlestick maker to provide necessary materials for the birthday celebration. You could rush to them whenever you needed services from them without any cost for advertising of them. It was simple due to less competition in the market. However, time has changed and you can get food from thousands miles away at your door. You can just order to any baking shop to celebrate your birthday anytime. Therefore, the market has been more competitive and need more improvised strategy of marketing to compete with time. You really need to know a lot to sell your products and make a successful business with your brand. We are going to share you some statistics for understanding how blogs, online videos and social media can help you to get your business developed.

4 Blogs Per Week


It may seem to you that it is huge but roughly, it is 15 or more blogs per month. Some arguments to make the posts less can be considered. However, the real statistics done by Kapost stated that average at least 15 blogs per month made the lead for a new product. They also concluded that posts can provide as much as 1200 leads every month and larger brands will share larger numbers. So, start writing now.

Pro Tips: Do not write focusing on the quantity rather maintain the quality. 2 blogs per week with informative writing will be better that lot of topics.

Online Videos: by 2017, 70 percent internet traffic!!


It might seem to be false but it is going to be happened by the year of 2017. Most marketers are expecting that online videos can help them to drive 70 percent of internet traffic to their site. It is really a present need for altering the blogs and each day demand more for it.

Pro Tips: Online videos are difficult to produce than blog writing and small, simple videos can help you more. Especially whiteboard videos are cheap, looking more professional and effective for your business. Do not try to advertise directly rather make it helpful for your customers.

Social Media: 62% B2B users


The marketers’ percentage who believed that LinkedIn provided them the best social media offers for the B2B users. For a B2B user, you need to focus on LinkedIn only and remember that people are for other purposes here.

Pro Tips: Do not think that LinkedIn is same as Facebook. So, be careful to act with your customers.

The online marketing world has been reformed. You need to give great efforts to take the new lead. A good location with a wooden sign might not work well in present day. Therefore spending on SEM is going to help your out to have a successful business.