To Make A Mobile Friendly Site For Google Reflect Interstitials

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April 5, 2015


Do not forget to Reflect Interstitials when you are going to update your site with the new mobile-friendly algorithm what Google is approaching to roll out on April 21.

Many mobile optimized websites are presenting an interstitial page rather sending the projected contents to the visitors obtaining the goal to make them done the specific action. The following example shows that Indiegogo is asking for downloading its app when Zulily still wants to sign up for the users.

mobile-zulily- indiegogo-interstitial-

These pages generally irritate the users, but in case of the app promotion or user experience through sign-up, the businesses are considering the interstitial regularly triumph. Therefore, it should be reconsidered the disruptive interstitial use of mobile website because of Google’s focus on the mobile user experience.