Udi Manber Has Left His Nine Years Career at Google

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February 15, 2015


Udi Manber has left the Googleplex, the home of Google Inc.! About nine years later, he is going to join the National Institutes of Health after getting the position of VP of Engineering in YouTube. In Google, he was in the sector of search products as the in charge person. He got his renowned career in his academic level and worked in most popular companies of Silicon Valley.

In his carrier start, he was joined as professor at the University of Arizona at ‘90s and later, he turned into the chief scientist at the search engine Yahoo. He implemented Captchas first, to fight against Yahoo bots and later in 2002; he joined with Amazon as the algorithms VP. Therefore, he went to the Amazon’s search unit A9 as the CEO. During working at Amazon, he led the Block View Street-level initiatives for photography of Amazon, which was the former thing before Google Street View.


He then joined with Google after shutting few projects of A9 as the VP of engineering and later took the command in the sector of Google’s products search and the user experiences. His success came through the moving of Marissa Mayer at the Google’s Local and Map. The invalid service of Google, Google Knol was his work. Last year, he again joined YouTube for the better leadership of this Video based Social organization.

In his quote published in Wall Street Journal, he assured of his joining to NIH and his keep interest to make big impact knowing more about medicine.


After the departure of Alan Eustace, Senior VP of Knowledge from Google, this news is much more shocking for the members of Google.