Updates for Quality Score Reporting Of Bing Ads Is Rolling Out

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February 8, 2015


Bing Ads is planning to roll out the updates for quality score reporting over the next few days. In this update, only the process of quality score reporting, but the keyword and ad will not be updated. Check what changes you are going to expect in your account:

  1. Getting Quality Scores Earlier:

After launching an ad, you may not find enough data to be found, but from now Bing ads will show quality score for the ad rather showing it blank. But this is going to be rolled in US first and then it will be available globally.

  1. Exact Matching Based Reporting:

The quality score now will be shown based on the similar quarries, which will get exact matching, and perfectly reflective key factors will determine the ad visibility. Thus, this score will be effective indication of the keywords and ads you have used.

  1. Update Of Terminologies:

To make the comparison easier and reduce the users frictions who use the both platform Google AdWords and Bing Ads, quality score will get them found in both platforms. The below sub-components will be described as “Avg.”, “Below or Above Avg.”.

  • Keyword relevance = [Expected click-through rate]
  • Landing page relevance = [Ad relevance]
  • Landing page user experience = [Landing page experience]


Bing Ads prefer to pick the keywords, monitoring them, which gets a quality score below six, and they are getting adjustments for performance improvements. The quality scores through this update will not be overwritten for the previous keywords.

In addition, this update will not affect the performance of the ads but it will make an easier quality score for your focus to cut the better improvements.