Yahoo Continues Boosting US Search Share in January with Firefox Deals

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February 3, 2015


StatCounter has reported that Yahoo has again gained the highest search market share in the US. In November, this search share was 8.6% in US for Yahoo and in this month of January, it has increased to 10.9%. The initial gain was taken place from November to December after the default search deal of Yahoo with Firefox.


The first time Google has gone below 75% search share in the US, according to StatCounter and comScore reported two weeks ago that Yahoo has the share to 11.8% from 10.2%. It gave a direct 1.6% boost in the short period!


According to StatCounter, the deal from Firefox is solely responsible for the boosting of Yahoo because without the Firefox users the share of Yahoo is actually flat!


Firefox provides 14% internet traffic in the US and the more share means more search market share for Yahoo as StatCounter has reported. In addition, Google is trying to switchback the users making Google their homepage, but actually, it is not working according to StatCounter’s CEO. He added that the search share of Yahoo in US increased by 0.5% after the switchback announcement of Google.