Your SEO Job Will Be Something More Than SEO In 2015

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February 12, 2015


In a general sense, the job of an SEO is to do something for the website so that the site develops its position (rank) in search engine. That means your responsibility is to increase the organic traffic to your site. To do so you have to do something more than historically SEO means. Now a day it is a teamwork actually. The works can be categorized as- content writing, user experience advocacy, digital strategy, marketing, cheerleader.

Content Blue Marker


Will you be surprised, if I say a good content is an essential part of a site? You should not be, especially when you are thinking about SEO.  Because, it is a good content that ensures well rank of your site. I can mention someone who are professional content writers and working in the SEO team, although they have the opportunity to work in different teams. That means with other quality content writing is a requirement for being an SEO expert (off-course non-technical SEO).

Good content, yes, only good quality contents not something, which we face around. You have to maintain the quality of your content, which may be typically difficult for you, will not find any formula for quality maintain.



User experience includes many things such as behavior, attitude, like and dislike, his/ her perception towards the products, services or system. User experience (an aspect of the user) has an impact on the ranking of your site. Think about… what does search engine show? Obviously, what the users want to see. So think from the user side, see the things with user eye and manage your side based on information, which is gotten by analyzing the data of user experience.

Once, the algorithm manipulations were done by spam, which is furthest things now in terms of user experience. That means to increase the visitors to any page; an SEO expert must consider the user experience.


Strategy is an important job for any creative job. Success mainly depends on an appropriate strategy. In case of SEO, obviously a good strategy is needed.

It is said that before giving real figure make an edifice of thought which would help you to do the job step by step successfully. Off-course thinking should be at that level, which is, not be blamed as reverie, meaning that have to have way to your hand to give think reality.

An SEO may spend huge time on his/ her site by observing how the customers use the site or by analyzing customer’s perception. No, I do not want to say that he/ she is wasting his/ her time, rather they are completely fair to their point, but SEO is something more than these observations. He has to play a more important role in making strategy to make everything fruitful. Whatever, time is changing and with time, our thinking about SEO should be changed. It will not be wise living anchoring the old concept.



Already I have said that things are changing and job of an SEO is getting difficult than any other time. Once getting link was so easy, directory listings, submission of press release and some handful of article was enough. Now getting links is not so easy like the previous. Now each link requires little bit critical thinking and work. In addition, you have to be creative to get links that will force you to be a marketer, not only marketer but also a creative marketer. Now we are not interested to build links actually rather we are interested to do something so that people naturally visit our site, which also forces an SEO to work as marketers.

Think like that your job is not SEO campaign, your job is building links and marketing which will improve awareness for the brand and acceptance in society.

Now the question is are you enough for doing everything mentioning above? The answer may be yes/no, you may depend on other department, but you should control everything.


Another important job of an SEO is teaching other team, making aware them on SEO.

What are you thinking now? Theoretically, SEO is not an easy job, some of us may think it is a magic, but practically it’s not so hard job indeed. Every activity you do in online have more or less effect on visitors and this is the reason SEO should rely on different teams from whom he will understand about the effect of different action.